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This year we’ll kick start the Summit with a WIM HOF METHOD Workshop taught by Brandon Powell @brandonpowell396, a Level 3 Instructor of the method and one of the first people to learn from the “Ice Man” himself.

Now, to teach you THE BEST JIU JITSU, you'll have the opportunity to learn from:

TAINAN DALPRA // @tainandalpra (AOJ) - World Champion, Pan Champion, and AOJ superstar. He is the most dominant Gi player in the world right now.

TYE and KADE RUOTOLO // @ruotolobrothersjiujitsu (Atos Jiu Jitsu) - Both currently hold the number one spot in the 155, 170 and 185 lbs weight divisions for FloGrappling NoGi rankings.

NICHOLAS MEREGALI // @nicholasmeregali (Dream Art) - World Champion and one of the best technical BJJ athletes in the World.


This Summit is an event open to all in the BJJ Community. The goal is to help “jiujiteiros and jiujiteiras” level up their Jiu Jitsu game, expand their knowledge of the art, and have a great experience learning from the best professionals.


Would you like to be part of this EPIC weekend? This year you’ll have the options to buy a Session Pass, Day Pass or Weekend Pass.

What: Houzn Jiu Jitsu Summit 2022

Where: Charleston, SC

When: June 11th and 12th, 2022