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'Queen of the Beach' will be the first in a continuing series. The winners from each division will remain the champion and receive ‘FINAL BOSS’ status at the subsequent events. The ‘FINAL BOSS’ will compete free of charge and have the option to compete in the next event from the beginning or wait until the semi-finals to jump in.

There will be a limit of 20 competitors per division and spots will be dealt out on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Registration will open on Smoothcomp starting 6/27/2022.

Open Mat Style

  • Rounds will be 3 minutes followed by a 1 minute rest and a 10 minute FINALS MATCH for each division. (Round times may be adjusted before event day.)

  • All competitors start the rounds on the mat at the same time.

  • If a competitor gets tapped out within the round, they are out. The competitor who won will get to rest for the remainder of the round.

  • This will continue until we have two competitors to compete in the FINALS MATCH.

  • Three Officials will monitor the mat during rounds to make sure everyone is playing fair and to act as judges if the finals match ends without a submission.

  • This is a sub-only event and will follow the SEGA Nogi Advanced ruleset.

Registration, Spectators, Payouts and Prizes

  • Registration will be $50 per competitor and half of every registration will go directly to the initial FINALS MATCH payout. So, 10 competitors would be at least $250.

*We have to cover the cost of transportation and the pay for a number of off-duty officers to be present at the event per the City of Folly Beach which is the cause for the registration fee.

- Spectator tickets will be DONATION-BASED with ALL proceeds going directly to the FINALS MATCH payout.

*As this is a public venue, we can’t control who spectates but ask that you pay what you can and help us to build up the FINALS MATCH payout. The competitors deserve it for all of their hard work and making this event possible.*

-Additionally, all Sponsorship funds will go directly to the FINALS MATCH payout. We will be taking nothing from monetary sponsorships.

-All FINALS MATCH winners will receive a CUSTOM ‘Queen of the Beach’ rashguard with their name printed on it in addition to the cash payout.


Lastly, we’ll update the payout amounts as they build so everyone can keep track leading up to the event. We’re really looking forward to this and thank you to everyone for their interest so far and please keep helping us spread the word!

What: Queen of the Beach

Where: Folly Beach, SC

When: August 13th, 2022