Southeastern Grappling Association offers a wide range of attractive marketing solutions for your business. As a sponsor of our events, you will recieve measurable exposure through our many social media outlets and in-person events. Started in 2019, our presence has shown continous growth that is guaranteed to compound as time goes on. We average content/video views in the thousands as well as an ever-increasing participation rate at all of our events. On top of participation and social media impressions, we provide thousands of pictures from each event available to our competitors that include even more brand exposure for our partners. Your sponsorship contribution will aid in securing venues, awards and prize money payouts to our competitors. With every venue booked, event executed and sponsor contribution our presence will continue to grow exponentially which, in turn, will have a positive impact on your business's overall reach and exposure. We look forward to working with you and your business and hope to hear from you soon!


Tier 1 (Per Event)- $200

- Logo placement on all event posters, website, banners, etc... associated with the event.

- Multiple Social Media recognition posts per week leading up to the event.

- Free Vendor Space (If applicable)

- Sponsor Table marketing space. (Business cards, flyers, etc...)

Tier 2  (Two Events)- $350

- Everything included in Tier 1.

- Multiple Social Media recognition posts leading up to and throughout two events.

-More prominent logo placements than Tier 1 Sponsors.

-Logo placement on Giant Foam Board Checks for the winners.

Vendor Space

Per Event- $200

- Table and space allocation in high traffic area.

- Multiple Social Media recognition posts leading up to and throughout the event.

-Logo placements on website.

Tier 3  (Full Year)- $1000

- Everything included in Tier 2.

- Multiple Social Media recognition posts leading up to and throughout all events for the year. (Full Year of Advertising)

-Most prominent logo placements of all Sponsors.

-Nine events minimum per year.

Contact us today at SEGAtournament@gmail.com or by phone at

843-460-5496 to discuss the sponsorship opportunities listed or to develop a custom package for your business needs!