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Weight Divisons
  • Southeaster Grappling Association reserves the right to combine divisions given the event turnout.

  • Competitors will have a 1lb +/- allowance.

  • Competitors will weigh in without the gi.

  • Competitors are allowed to compete in their weight division and heavier.

  • If a competitor decides to compete in multiple weight divisions, it is at their own discretion. Refunds will not be provided for missed divisions.

  • Competitors are not allowed to compete in lighter divisions.

  • Weigh-ins will take place the morning of the event or the evening before depending on venue. All weigh-in times will be listed on a per-event basis on the event's registration page.

No-gi Divisions
  • Competitors with high school and/or collegiate level wrestling experience must compete in 'Beginner', 'Intermediate', or 'Advanced' divisions. For example, if you have high school level wrestling experience but have only trained in BJJ for less than a year, you must compete in the 'Beginner' division.

  • Competitors with blue belts or higher must compete in 'Beginner' divisions or higher.

  • Novice and Beginner no-gi divisions may be combined depending on event turnout.

Age Division
  • Southeastern Grappling Association now caters to BOTH youth and adult divisions! We are excited to take on this new addition and will be working with the same sense of urgency and mission that we started with... to offer competitors the most efficient tournament experience available!

Match Times
  • Overtime length for No-Gi divisions is 1 minute.  (For overtime format/scoring, see rules page)

  • No Overime for Gi Divisions. (For overtime format/scoring, see rules page)

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